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Silk Plaster | Instruction - Liquid Wallpaper

Useful and interesting movie about Silk Plaster application method and benefits

Silk Plaster liquid wallpapers - Decorative silk plaste

Some good ideas and useful referred to Silk Plaster liquid wallpaper

People are tired from common wallpapers and paints and that is why it is our mission now to substitute boring and non-ecological materials with Silk Plaster liquid wallpaper. We offer ecological material from SILK which looks luxury on the walls and create very expensive interior but per small investments. People prefer to have exclusive design of their apartment.

We constantly develop and improve its textures and colors, following the fashion in design. Today our company produces more than 100 different colors of Silk Plaster liquid wall coating with unusual textures. Go to CATALOG of Silk Plaster liquid wallpaper colors and textures.

As raw ingredients we use only naturally extracted products such as SILK and CELLULOSE, decorative mineral additives and adhesive, that is why SILK PLASTER IS A GREEN PRODUCT!

All used components are natural and that is why Silk Plaster liquid wall covering is environmentally safe for residential and commercial structures. European Health Institute has approved Silk Plaster liquid wallpaper as health care product and recommended its use.

The wide variety of Silk Plaster’s colors ensures the universal usage in any king of buildings. Lights colors are very ideal for small size apartments, bright colors can help to make the big halls look grand and ceremonial, classical white color will create official atmosphere in your office. It's very interesting to make experiments with the colors. Combining different colors and textures you will turn usual wall into designer’s splendid apartments with only Silk Plaster liquid wallpaper. Go to the PHOTOS PAGE of our works.

&One of the main advantages of Silk Plaster liquid wall covering is that you will never need to clean it. It also doesn’t absorb dust! By the way, Silk Plaster liquid wall covering is not only ecological but has no smell all its life. Also it is very flexible and can be applied on columns, pillars and etc. As well it insulates heat and hold walls warm, moreover Silk Plaster liquid wall paper allows walls to breathe! It's a great pleasure to touch the wall with Silk Plaster finish coating! Go to The advantages of Silk Plaster liquid wallpaper on the Info Page.

IMPORTANT: Silk Plaster finish coating is referred to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) products. You don’t need any special plastering skills to apply Silk Plaster liquid wallpaper for interior design. You also don’t need any technical equipment, just plastic trowel. You can learn to plaster while applying Silk Plaster finish coating on the surface and luxury design will inspire you during many years, because Silk Plaster liquid wall covering is very durable and efficient material. Go to DIY section to know about application method of Silk Plaster liquid wall coverings for interior design.

Silk Plaster wall covering is especially attractive for those who:

  • do not want to pay much but desire to have a luxury design of apartments
  • are tired from common paints and obsolete wallpapers and seek for new approach to apartment’s design
  • take care of time and choose “easy to apply” and “ready for use” products - worry about health and prefer ecologically safe products.

ATTENTION: Silk Plaster liquid wall covering is supplied in packs and ready for use! Just add water! There is a pack with glitters in each Silk Plaster wall covering pack. You can add glitters by desire. We are very focused on broadening our distribution and establish strong relations with new partners all over the world and we welcome new distributors and dealers worldwide to market Silk Plaster liquid wall covering in open territories.