Silk Plaster Instructions

The application of Silk Plaster liquid wallpaper is very simple. Anyone can handle it with no special training. To make it properly first prepare the surface. The wall is heterogeneous in its composition, its surface may have remnants of old wallpaper, glue, old paint, plaster, wood screws and nails, inside - iron fittings, but since liquid wallpaper is mixed with water, they can extract on the surface all this in the form of rust and yellow stains.

So first of all surface should be dry, clean and evenly white, without any stains. Remove old wallpapers, nails and etc. Plane surface with plaster/stucco and prime it in one layer of any water base primer, drying time between layers 3-4 hours. Plane the color with white mat paint.

In the absence of the original Silk Plaster primer use any waterproof primer or any waterproof mat paint. To choose the best primer option please consult with the seller in your country.